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Comfortable elastic floor tiles for play, sport and leisure!

WARCO takes pride in manufacturing high-quality rubber tiles, which will make you feel the difference. Thanks to the unique combination of properties, they are extremely convenient in outdoor use and have numerous applications. The flooring is available in many variants, such as safety mats, terrace tiles and balcony flooring, stable mats, interlocking pavers, edging and other forms manufactured according to individual specification.

With WARCO tiles the design of your terrace or play area in the backyard is easy and affordable. The tiles can be installed on every load-bearing and flat subfloor without much preparation (do-it-yourself). They can also be conveniently removed or relocated. They are absolutely frost resistant and weatherproof, and therefore so durable. Their insulation properties as well as fall-protection qualities make it one of the safest and most comfortable floorings. They can be used all year round: they are permeable to water and quick-drying. In short, WARCO offers a clever, family-friendly solution to all your flooring problems.

WARCO tiles are made of a mixture of clean rubber granulate and a top-quality binding agent (polyurethane). The tiles' structure is grainy, open-pored and resilient. Their upper surface is even, slip-resistant and pleasant to walk on. The tile underside is profiled during the manufacturing process in order to ensure effective drainage, ventilation and durability.


EPDM Rubber Granulate

EPDM Rubber Granulate - Warco

EPDM Rubber Granulate

EPDM is an abbreviation for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. It denotes high-quality...

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Sport floor tiles with the tongue and grooce system - Warco

Tongue and groove system

Tiles equipped with the tongue and groove system are end-matched: on their 2 sides a 10 mm wide and deep...

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Rubber interlocking pavers WARCO for stall and pathway

Rubber interlocking pavers

Have you heard about interlocking pavers, which combine the durability of paving block with elasticity of safety flooring?...

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interlocking zip WARCO rubber tiles

WARCO tiles with the interlocking zip

The interlocking zip is the best way to join WARCO tiles into a secure and vandalism-proof pattern....

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Safety Tiles

Safety tiles for playground

Safety tiles and playground mats for play and sport areas

  • for playgrounds, kindergartens,
  • recreation areas, swimming pools,
  • amateur ball game fields, football fields, basketball courts,
  • gym, fitness club,
  • dog runs.

Each public playground must meet the requirements specified by EN1176 and EN1177 standards. As for the flooring, it must absorb the impact of a fall from a certain height and prevent accidents with lasting consequences. The maximal fall height from which a child may fall on a playground is called critical fall height. Reaching critical fall height depends on the surface and potential playground equipment. EN1177-specified critical fall height is determined by a HIC standard (Head Injury Criterion)...

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Terrace tiles

Terrace tiles

Innovative terrace and balcony flooring

Terraces and balconies are at the mercy of the weather all year long. Blazing sun, severe frost in winter, periods when water freezes or thaws, temperatures ranging from -30° to 45°C – our terraces and balconies have to endure all of this over the years. That is why the flooring should not only look attractive but also be comfortable to use, easy to clean, mechanically durable, easy to install, and inexpensive. Hardly any material can meet these requirements; elastic floor tiles from WARCO sure can!

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Stable mats

stable mats

Elastic flooring for equine use

WARCO equine mats, made of polyurethane-bonded rubber granulate, is an innovative flooring for stables, horse stalls and paddocks. It is:

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