Anti-clip balcony flooring by WARCO is made of rubber EPDM granulate of top quality.

Anti-slip balcony tile 18 mm ‘Dark Granite’ by Warco

Anti-slip 18 mm-thick balcony tiles impress with an attractive colour ‘Dark Granite’.They are equipped with an interlocking zip, which makes the installation particularly easy even for amateurs. The zip "teeth" lock 3-dimensionally, thus making a form-fit tile grid. The tiles can be laid on any flat and load-bearing subfloor, both bound and unbound, e.g. concrete, asphalt, planks, tiles, grit, gravel. To install Warco anti-slip balcony mats, hire a local company or do it yourself.Thanks to the drainage canals in the tiles structure, water goes through them and flows away following the incline. Rubber flooring dries quickly, and the moisture spreads through the pores and evaporates.

  • anti-slip,
  • weatherproof, frost-resistant, partly uv-resistant,
  • elastic, pleasant feel,
  • insulating and economical,
  • water-permeable and quick to dry; tile underside facilitates drainage,
  • long-lasting.
Typical use
Play & sport
  • playgrounds, public and private play areas,
  • playrooms, indoor play areas,
  • climbing or bouldering walls,
  • fitness and gym mats.
Home & garden
  • balconies, terraces up to 25 m2,
  • playrooms, home gyms,
  • dog runs.
Technical data
  • black EPDM rubber granulate bonded with polyurethane.
  • 500 x 500 x 18 mm (installation size) or 1000 x 1000 x 18 mm,
  • size tolerances: 2%, 2%, 2 mm.
  • 14,4 kg/m².



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