Elastic tiles by WARCO may be installed on terraces, balconies and verandas

Balcony tile 18 mm by Warco

"Embers" - is an innovative 18 mm-thick veranda tile designed in an attractive colour. Thanks to its characteristic interlocking zip, the installation of the tile is particularly fast and easy. The zip "teeth" lock 3-dimensionally, thus making a form-fit tile grid. The tiles can be laid on any load-bearing subfloor, both bound and unbound, e.g. concrete, asphalt, planks, tiles, grit, gravel. To manufacture our veranda tiles, we use only EPDM rubber granulate which is superior to any other types of rubber, and much more UV-resistant, to ensure that the colour on your veranda won't fade.

  • safety tiles for verandas of all sizes
  • absorbs sound and vibrations
  • slip-resistant
  • heat- and cold- insulating
  • pleasant, elastic feel
  • frost-and weatherproof, UV-resistant
Typical use
Play & sport
  • flooring for physiotherapy
  • sports floor for gym & cross fit
  • fitness and gym mats
Home & garden
  • balconies, small terraces up to 25 m2
  • home gym, playroom
  • dog runs
Technical data
  • EPDM rubber granulate bonded with coloured polyurethane
  • 500 x 500 x 18 mm (installation size) or 1000 x 1000 x 18 mm
  • size tolerances: 2%
  • 14,4 kg/m²



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