WARCO tiles are produced of two kinds of material - one of them is rubber granulate obtained from recycled tyres and the second one is new rubber EPDM granulate.

EPDM rubber granulate

EPDM is an abbreviation for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. It denotes high-quality, modern rubber which is used for technically demanding applications. For example, in daily life, window and door seals are made of this rubber, it is also widely used in car industry. EPDM is rot-resistant and permanently resistant to UV-rays (sunlight).

Floor tiles manufactured from EPDM rubber have a particularly long life (even up to 50 years), which is a desired quality in terrace and balcony flooring. What is important, terrace tiles from EPDM rubber can be placed directly onto roof foil or other sealing because EPDM rubber is chemically neutral. It is also resistant to chlorine, and that is why we recommend terrace flooring around swimming pools, too.

EPDM may be installed on all those surfaces which are more demanding:

  • it is available in a palette of 15 attractive colours,
  • it is resistant to UV rays, thus constituting a better solution for sunny spots,
  • it is also chlorine-resilient, therefore it may be used as pool surroundings and under showers,
  • it is more robust and durable than rubber tyre granulate NR/SBR,
  • it is noticeably less prone to abrasion,
  • it is colour-fast,
  • it is low flammable (fire class Cfl-s1).


Tyre rubber granulate

WARCO safety tiles and mats are manufactured from tyre rubber granulate, that is granulate obtained from recycling old tyres. The dominant rubber types used for safety tiles are NR (natural rubber) and SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber). Tyre rubber has outstanding fall attenuation properties, that is why it is primarily used to manufacture safety flooring for play and sport areas.

Floor tiles made from tyre rubber granulate have a durability of 10 - 15 years. They are only partially resistant to UV-rays (sunlight) and may embrittle over the years. Typical rubber smell can be noticeable but it goes away relatively quickly and in outdoor use the smell is not disturbing at all.

Rubber tyre granulate NR/SBR:

  • is available in 4 monochromatic colours: anthracite (black), brick-red, grass-green and cement-grey,
  • has got a lower price compared to EPDM products,
  • is normally flammable; its fire class is Efl (EN 13501-1),
  • along with time and intensive use of the flooring, the colour may be prone to abrasion and fading,
  • it retains all the beneficial qualities of EPDM products: it is anti-slip, fall-attenuating, durable, water-permeable, easy to maintain and install, thermally and acoustically isolating and resilient to weather-conditions.


Flooring made of EPDM rubber granulate has got a higher resistance to UV rays compared to the tiles made of rubber tyre granulate

To sum up:

Recycled tyre NR/SBR, as well as EPDM rubber granulate tiles are practically recommended for all types of flooring including public and private terraces, balconies, playgrounds, safety sports and leisure areas. Nevertheless, we should bear in mind that the choice of the material strictly depends on the intended use of the flooring. Both NR/SBR and EPDM constitute robust, protective, impressively durable and low-maintenance modern surfaces. Both make anti-slip and water-permeable floor which ensures thermal and acoustic isolation. At the same time, WARCO tiles are eco-friendly (they do not seal the ground and may be recycled), non-toxic and perfectly safe for our health.


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