Equine mats for paddock

WARCO stall mats are produced of rubber granulate and make the best solution for all horse-keeping areas.

Rubber equine mats by WARCO make an extremely heavy-duty and easy-care flooring for paddock which is usable in all weather conditions. When installed and maintained properly, they ensure permanent comfort for horses, regardless of their position (standing or lying). What is also particularly important, WARCO mats last for years and their purchase is a one-off investment without any follow-up costs. Every paddock covered with elastic rubber mats is comfortable for equine joints, is anti-slip and completely weather-resistant.

The benefits of WARCO equine mats:

  • they ensure effective insulation against the cold ground,
  • they are water-permeable (there are no puddles on their surface),
  • they are incredibly robust (also suitable for studded horses),
  • they are anti-slip in dry and wet conditions,
  • they insulate against mechanical vibrations,
  • they are economic (affordable investment with no follow-up costs),
  • they are easily installed and maintained (with the use of household detergents),
  • they may be reinstalled and relocated without damage,
  • they are suitable for ponies, donkeys but also for heavy horses,
  • they can maintain the load of cars and tractors.

WARCO equine mats are a product designed to match the requirements of all horse breeders. Efficient production, restricted quality control and our excellent customer service guarantee the most suitable equine mats for your budget. They are available in our online shop directly from the manufacturer for the the best price!

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