Safety tiles

Safety tiles

Safety tiles and playground mats for play and sport areas

  • for playgrounds, kindergartens,
  • recreation areas, swimming pools,
  • amateur ball game fields, football fields, basketball courts,
  • gym, fitness club,
  • dog runs.

Each public playground must meet the requirements specified by EN1176 and EN1177 standards. As for the flooring, it must absorb the impact of a fall from a certain height and prevent accidents with lasting consequences. The maximal fall height from which a child may fall on a playground is called critical fall height. Reaching critical fall height depends on the surface and potential playground equipment. EN1177-specified critical fall height is determined by a HIC standard (Head Injury Criterion).

Fall-attenuating safety tiles

The most secure way to obtain this legally required protection is to get safety tiles (safety mats), which are made of polyurethane-bonded rubber granulate. Safety tiles (safety mats) are available in different versions, which differ primarily in hardness, thickness and attenuation. You will find a perfectly suitable, in terms of safety, usage and cost effectiveness, fall protection flooring for each surface at WARCO, up to 300 cm fall height.

Complex problems regarding competitive materials (sand, gravel, bark mulch, wood chips, grass) such as decay and deterioration, dirt and lack of hygiene, material loss (discharges of loose material), the need for periodic renewal and maintenance, weather dependence and much more – are non-existent with safety tiles.

Long-lasting flooring for any weather

Playing on the soft safety mats, which insulate against sound, heat and cold, is pleasant, without any risk of injury or cold feet. The porous granulate tiles are slip-resistant in dry and wet conditions. They are liquid-permeable; even after heavy rains there are no puddles left; they can be used all year round since they are unaffected by the weather. Rain water goes through micro canals to the bottom of a tile and thereby cleans it. Depending on the subfloor, water either trickles under the tiles into the ground or flows through the drainage canals of a mat down to the drain. The remaining moisture can diffuse through the tiles.

Safety tiles for playgrounds

WARCO safety tiles (safety mats) are particularly economical. The investment costs are reasonable, while upkeep and maintenance expenses are extremely low. Over many years, and without further follow-up costs, safety tiles have been a weather-independent and all-year usable flooring for playgrounds and leisure areas. Properties of the installed safety mats, such as EN1177 critical fall height, ball rebound or liquid permeability, are precisely defined and subject to only minimal changes over the equipment life. The durability of a properly applied and used safety tiles playing surface is 15 years and more.

Tongue-and-groove or interlocking zip?

The installation of safety tiles is possible in the interior and exterior on every even subfloor with permanent load-bearing capacity (grit, gravel, concrete, screed, tiles, bituminous sheeting, roof foil, sheet metal, floorboards, etc.). They are vandalism-proof (it is difficult to take them out) but, at the same time, reusable. Depending on a product, you can assemble the tiles with our polyurethane adhesive, with the help of a connector, using a clever tongue-and-groove system or a simple and force-fit zip. You can cut the tiles easily and quickly with a sharp knife, or - even better - a wood saw. For a proper installation, you don't need to have any extraordinary knowledge; it can be done by a local handyman or you can do it yourself.

Last but not least: WARCO safety tiles do not present any health risks. You are looking back on decades of experience in using them in schools and kindergartens. They are particularly environmentally friendly and, at the end of life, they are easily disposed of or recycled.