Stable mats

stable mats

Elastic flooring for equine use

WARCO equine mats, made of polyurethane-bonded rubber granulate, is an innovative flooring for stables, horse stalls and paddocks. It is:

  • permanently elastic, weatherproof and rot-resistant,
  • resilient and slip-resistant,
  • fall- and shock-absorbing,
  • liquid-permeable,
  • insulating against sound, heat and cold,
  • urine-resistant and extremely durable,
  • easy to clean,
  • easy to install (on any flat, load-bearing subfloor).

In short, an animal-friendly and economical flooring for horse stables.

Why are stable mats recommended for equine use?

Veterinarians, agricultural information centres and research institutions recommend stabling horses on elastic stable mats because steppe horses' musculoskeletal system and joints are protected by the well-resilient floor. At least 40 mm thick stable mats insulate a lying horse against cold ground; bare soil in a stall where a horse can freely paw is now a thing of the past. Cough, dust allergies and other "civilization diseases" of horses caused by the traditional bedding, are counteracted effectively. A horse always remains clean and dry; liquids are filtered down through micro canals of the mat. Older and shod horses can find a good rest on these non-slip stable mats and easily get up afterwards. Many customers also enjoy the sound-absorbing effect of the mats.

Stable mats

A clever solution to save money and labour

For economic reasons, equine mats made of polyurethane-bonded rubber granulate is the best choice. The investment costs are reasonable and transparent, while upkeep and maintenance expenses are very low. The costs of the bedding, storage and disposal are reduced to a minimum, not to mention the vet. The durability of a properly applied and used stable mat surfacing comes to 10 years and more.

The flooring in a horse barn is mechanically (hooves) and chemically (urine) burdened. Simple (even worse, discarded) safety tiles cannot withstand these loads. WARCO equine mats were developed specifically for horse stalls and due to a special production recipe (coarse-grained rubber granulate, hard-wearing binders, increased applied pressure), they provide the best performance. Thanks to choosing high quality rubber granulate, the mats are urine-resistant.

Stable mats and interlocking pavers

WARCO equine mats are suitable for all surfaces on which horses are kept, so: stables, horse stalls, runs, open stables or paddocks. For horse walkers, lungeing circles, barn corridors, grooming areas or paddocks, alleys on outer facilities or walkers, we recommend our elastic interlocking pavers.

stable mats

Installation tips

The installation of equine mats and rubber pavers is possible both indoors and outdoors on any even subfloor with permanent load-bearing capacity (grit, gravel, concrete, screed, tiles, etc.). In order to drain liquids from the base layer, it should be inclined about 2 - 3% towards the drain. Equine mats or pavers should be paved tightly without any gaps. Trimming or blocking the edges should prevent the mats from shifting. The surface should be edged (a wall, a plank, etc.) To cut stable mats, use a chainsaw. WARCO stable mats should be assembled without gluing them, to facilitate their removal for maintenance purposes.

In case of traditional stabling in a horse stall, with no free access to a horse run, leave a small part of the surface for a corner toilet. It should be littered with traditional bedding instead of rubber mats. The two areas should be separated with a wooden beam so that the litter does not get onto the mats and does not block the pores. It will be more pleasant for a horse to pee onto the bedding than onto the mats, and easier for you to keep the stall clean.

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