Terrace tiles

Terrace tiles

Innovative terrace and balcony flooring

Terraces and balconies are at the mercy of the weather all year long. Blazing sun, severe frost in winter, periods when water freezes or thaws, temperatures ranging from -30° to 45°C – our terraces and balconies have to endure all of this over the years. That is why the flooring should not only look attractive but also be comfortable to use, easy to clean, mechanically durable, easy to install, and inexpensive. Hardly any material can meet these requirements; elastic floor tiles from WARCO sure can!

WARCO terrace and balcony tiles are made of high-quality, polyurethane-bonded EPDM rubber granulate, which is completely resistant to frost, UV rays and other weather conditions. At the same time, the flooring is comfortable and children-friendly. The resilient floor tiles are perfectly suitable as a durable and low-maintenance flooring for every terrace and balcony with solid subfloor.

Feel-good terrace and balcony tiles

Standing on the resilient, sound-, heat-, and cold-resistant floor tiles is pleasurable, without any risk of injury or cold feet. Terrace tiles have a porous, slip-resistant surface. They are liquid-permeable; even after heavy rains there are no puddles left, the surface is usable all the time. Rain water goes through micro canals to the subfloor or the drain, and cleans the tile from everyday contamination. The remaining moisture diffuses through the tiles and quickly evaporates.

Economical solution for home and garden

WARCO floor tiles is a particularly cost-effective solution for any leisure area. The investment costs are transparent, while upkeep and maintenance expenses - extremely low. Over many years, and with no additional costs, floor tiles have been a weather-independent and all-year usable flooring for terraces or balconies. The durability of a properly applied and used surface is 15 years and more.

Garden furniture, flower pots or a grill can be placed on WARCO terrace tiles and used safely. The tiles are sturdy and high heel proof. They are suitable not only for private use but also for public access areas (patio bars, beer gardens, hotel terraces, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, etc.).

Terrace tiles

DIY installation in one afternoon

The uncomplicated and flexible installation of the floor tiles (they can be removed and relocated) is possible on every even subfloor with permanent load-carrying capacity (grit, gravel, concrete, screed, tiles, roofing felt or foil, sheet metal, floorboards, etc.) for both new build and renovation. Our tiles are profiled on the edges to facilitate the assembly and secure the tiles grid. There are tiles with the interlocking zip and the tongue-and-groove system. If you need to glue the tiles together, use polyurethane adhesive (OP83). Cut the tiles to a desired form with a wood saw. The installation can be carried out by a local handyman or you can do it yourself with the help of our manual.

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