Warco safety tiles - the new way to fitness

WARCO rubber flooring make an excellent choice for fitness studios, playgrounds and other leisure surfaces.

Safety sports surface is the result of the decade long testing and successful use on playgrounds, leisure areas and fitness centres in the USA and many European countries. Have you ever thought how you may combine fun with safety? Well, it is possible and the answer how to do it is just within your grasp!

If you've not discovered safety rubber mats yet, it is about time you took WARCO tiles under scrutiny and looked at some essential facts:

- First of all; rubber tile's structure is aimed to provide ultimate safety for all big and small sport lovers! It is produced from tyre granulate and EPDM – top quality rubber designed for sports safety surfaces. Therefore, WARCO safety tiles are more than perfect for all sporty geeks and they are particularly children-friendly. All busy mums may sigh with relief-now they may relax while their kids play away safely on playgrounds and gyms equipped with WARCO safety mats.

- Different thicknesses of safety tiles have got various corresponding fall height values. As a rule, the thicker the tile is, the better it insulates and protects against any potential falls or injuries. There are several thicknesses of tiles (i.e. 18 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm , etc.) and all of them have got their matching critical fall height values that guarantee us a safe landing from particular heights, may it be a one-metre-high climbing frame on a playground or a three-metre-high bouldering wall in the gym.

Elastic sports flooring by WARCO is a safe and durable surface that can be used under bouldering walls

- Scientifically tested and patented formula of rubber safety tiles is designed to cushion joints, during intensive physical effort, i.e., running or doing fitness work-out, dancing zumba or training martial arts. The impact protection is ensured!

- WARCO safety tiles provide thermal and acoustic isolation, therefore you may do your yoga session or karate workout barefoot without the sensation of unpleasant cold feet in winter or heat in summer. Also, ball games or fitness work-outs involving a lot of jumping and moving around become less noisy as the elastic surface of the safety tiles absorbs the noise of a bounced ball or falling objects and bodies (like it happens when training martial arts).

Elastic sports floor by WARCO may be used as a safety surface in fitness clubs under sports equipment and on playgrounds

- From now on, you may fully enjoy the generous handful of benefits offered by the rubber safety tiles with no worries about comfort, also in case of installation of such a sports floor. It is so simple that you can do it yourself in no time! Without edging, glueing, specialistic tools and expertise knowledge you assemble them on every even and bound subfloor.

- Special form-fit connection (interlocking zip or tongue and groove) will help you to have a stable flooring and if necessary, you will be able to reinstall it many times, for both indoor and outdoor fitness activities!

Installing of safety tiles in fitness clubs and playgrounds is so easy that you can do it yourself.

- Why not see all the unique properties of the safety tiles and try them out now? After all, they are a part of the standardised equipment of all sports and leisure centres. Rubber safety mats are a must in the modern today's gyms or on playgrounds. And it is time to see for yourself that fitness means WARCO!!

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