Basketball court with safety outdoor flooring by WARCO

Safety flooring by WARCO is destined for all sports surfaces and ball game areas.

A modern basketball court must be comfortable and safe for all players. Anti-shock and flexible WARCO flooring is an optimal solution here. Made of rubber granulate obtained from recycled tyres, our elastic sports tiles ensure safety and insulation, while at the same time, they have got fall-attenuating properties. They absorb noise and vibrations and secure protection for a critical fall-height of 110 cm, in accordance with EN 1177. The outdoor safety flooring by WARCO are naturally resistant to unfavourable weather such as frost and UV rays. They are anti-slip in wet and dry conditions and you may play basketball just after the rain. Even after a heavy rainfall, the basketball surface will not be covered in puddles, because the upper layer of the rubber tiles contains micro-channels which allows liquids to drain or evaporate quickly. Elastic flooring is often simply washed by rainwater. Their underside is perforated and has a network of micro-channels, which allows a permanent air flow and prevents the tiles from rotting.

The longevity of resilient basketball flooring is from 10 to 15 years or more. Regarding the installation, make sure that the subfloor is even and load-bearing. For cutting, we may use a wood saw (circular saw, jigsaw etc.). In general, no other flooring can be installed as easily as ours, and no other product brings as many beneficial properties as the safety tiles by WARCO.

The advantages of our anti-shock sports surface:

  • they allow to play basketball regardless of the weather,
  • they protect joints during playing sports,
  • they are anti-slip,
  • they significantly reduce the risk of injury,
  • they retain their elasticity for years,
  • they are extremely robust and durable,
  • they have got an optimal ball-rebound rate,
  • they ensure thermal and acoustic insulation,
  • they are very easy to maintain.

The outdoor basketball flooring by WARCO is both attractive and practical. It may be installed and reinstalled by yourself or with help of a local handyman without glueing or a set of complex tools. Naturally, all of WARCO products have been tested for quality which allows us to provide the best goods to our Customers at an affordable price.

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