Safety flooring with a critical fall height

Safety floor with critical fall height are produced by WARCO according to the norm EN1177.

WARCO safety flooring is produced of rubber granulate according to the norm EN 1177. Thanks to its elastic structure it has got fall-attenuating and protective properties but also it is robust enough to maintain heavy playground equipment (see-saw, carousel or climbing frame), gym equipment and furniture. Safety tiles are produced in various thicknesses corresponding to particular critical fall height values from 1 to 3 metres. It is worth mentioning that due to its fall-attenuating properties, elastic WARCO flooring may (and should be) installed also on terraces and all indoor and outdoor leisure areas where there are children and elderly persons.

Among WARCO products, we distinguish 3 basic categories:

  • TZ series - tiles with an interlocking zip, with zip teeth profiled on the tile’s edges. The installation does not require glueing or edging. This connection system ensures incredible stability and simple installation.
  • NF series - these are square tiles with a tongue and groove connection, the edges of the tile overlap thanks to the profiled rebated edge. Installation does not require glueing or edging.
  • FS series - these are tiles with straight edges which should be installed with plastic connectors and glue. This product should be installed only on an even and bound subfloor (concrete, tiles, panels, or compacted layer of grit and gravel which may be reinforced with a plastic stabilising grid).
Type of the tile The tile’s thickness Critical fall height value
(according to EN1177 norm)
TZ30 or NF30 30 mm 100 cm
FS30 and TZ40 or NF40 30 mm and 40 mm, respectively 110 cm
FS40 40 mm 130 cm
TZ50 50 mm 150 cm
FS50 50 mm 170 cm
FS80 80 mm 240 cm
FS10 100 mm 300 cm
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