Elastic and durable balcony floor

Rubber tiles by WARCO are an optimal solution when you would like to renovate your balcony quickly and easily.

Thanks to the WARCO elastic balcony tiles made of rubber granulate EPDM, our balcony flooring ensures a thermal and acoustic isolation. If the balcony surface is up to 25 m2, then we can use 18-mm-thick tiles belonging to BZ series. WARCO flooring may be installed by yourself on every even and a load-bearing subfloor without using glue. Due to the drainage integrated in the structure of the tile, the floor is water-permeable so puddles do not accumulate on its surface.

Elastic WARCO tiles have got numerous additional benefits comparing to other products destined for balconies:

  • they are anti-slip,
  • they have got fall-attenuating properties,
  • they are very easy to maintain,
  • they don't rot,
  • they are weather-resistant (including frost and UV rays),
  • they are water-permeable,
  • they may be installed DIY,
  • they can be reinstalled,
  • they are quick-drying.

Thanks to the quick, easy installation of WARCO balcony flooring and its tested durability, you may save time and money! If you would like to order the tiles directly from the producer, visit our online shop and see our competitive prices.

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