Who can buy at WARCO?

Everyone! Whether you need 5 m2 or 1000 m2, if you are a private customer, an organisation, a community, a company -- everybody is welcome! If you want to purchase a really small amount, contact us by email (info@warco.de), and we will try to offer you the best delivery method. Standard orders are delivered on a pallet by a forwarding agency to every European country.

Are there any sales representatives or building sites visits?

No, there aren't. Our resignation from field work is a crucial element of the company strategy and a reason for such attractive prices. Instead we focus on personalised and timely communication with our customers via phone, e-mail and our websites.

Are there any discounts?

Prices quoted on the websites are bulk prices. The higher the order value (price of the goods, without delivery costs), the bigger the discount and so, the lower the product price. The discount is calculated according to this scheme:

Order value

Discount rate

from 500 € / 400 £ 3%
from 1 500 € / 1 200 £ 6%
from 5 000 € / 4 000 £ 10%
from 10 000 € / 8 000 £ 12%
from 15 000 € / 12 000 £     15%

When you add the product to the shopping basket in the webshop, the discount will be calculated automatically. In this way you can see exactly the cost of the purchase, also with the delivery costs (appropriate delivery zone has to be chosen in the drop-down menu). In case you need a written quotation, contact us by our contact form.

How is the order processed when it comes to payment and delivery terms?

The prices shown on our websites are quoted ex factory. Delivery costs are listed separately on the invoice and in the shopping basket. Delivery period varies from product to product as we manufacture in cyclical pattern. The average lead time is 2 - 3 weeks.

The order can be placed in the webshop, by e-mail (info@warco.de), fax or letter. Immediately after placing the order, you will receive an order confirmation. When the order is ready for shipment, another e-mail will inform you about the delivery and the invoice. As a rule, our carrier should contact you a day before the delivery, so make sure you give us a correct phone number where you can be reached. Also, you can track your order in the carrier's tracking system -- the details will be given to you by e-mail.

When it comes to payment terms, we accept wire transfers -- for our British customers we have set up an account in HSBC to accept domestic transfers in GPB. Customers from Ireland and those wishing to pay in EUR should make a SEPA transfer to our account in Germany. Payments via PayPal system are only possible in EUR.

A standard payment term is 7 days from the invoice date. When paid in advance, before the delivery, we give you a 2% cash discount on the amount invoiced. This is available for both purchases online and per e-mail.

What are the delivery costs?

On the written quotation as well as in the shopping basket in our webshop, the delivery costs are quoted separately. The goods are shipped from our warehouse in Germany to the UK, Ireland and other European countries by a forwarding agency. If you would like to collect the goods yourself in Germany (near Halle/Saale), do contact us.

What should be done upon delivery?

When you receive the goods, firstly check the pallet for completeness and potential damage in the presence of the carrier. Make sure that the wrapping is intact and there are no signs of unauthorised goods removal. Remove the wrapping foil and see if the colour and the amount of the tiles is correct (each layer = 1 m2). In case of any discrepancies, ask the carrier to write a note; it should be signed by both parties. Complaints about the quantity or product damage cannot be accepted without the carrier's written confirmation.

Does Warco give a product warranty? How to make a complaint?

WARCO complies with European regulations concerning product warranty, meaning a standard 2-year product guarantee. If you think you have received a defective product, please inform us by e-mail and attach photos showing the flaws. We will respond to your claim asap.

Can I install the tiles indoors?

Yes, of course. Our polyurethane-bonded rubber granulate products are suitable for installations both outdoors and indoors. However, in indoor projects you have to bear in mind that they are water-permeable. So, the area should rather not have contact with water or oil (therefore, installations in a kitchen, bathroom or garage are not recommended) because the subfloor where water will drain would have to be regularly cleaned and dried.

Warco tiles are typically installed in indoor gyms, fitness studios and playrooms in kindergartens or day-care centres. Before the installation indoors, the tiles should be thoroughly washed with warm water (e.g. high pressure cleaner) and left to dry. This will help remove a soap film from their surface -- a harmless result of the manufacturing process. When installed outdoors, the film will be removed quickly by rain water.

Does WARCO flooring give off odours or vapours?

No, rather not. Recently manufactured products might smell in the first days, but this odour is harmless and disappears soon. The tiles from tyre rubber (safety tiles) have a rubber smell which can be detected when smelling them. Terrace and balcony tiles are made of EPDM rubber, which does not have this typical smell of rubber.

On what subfloors can Warco tiles be installed?

Warco rubber tiles can be installed on almost any subfloor; the condition is for it to be fairly even and load-bearing. Without any problems the tiles can be laid directly on concrete, asphalt, old tiles, patio slabs, wooden boards, etc. Also, any roof insulation is a good subfloor -- roof foil, bitumen sheets, fibreglass. Please remember that the tiles are liquid-permeable and porous, so your subfloor - in case of a roof terrace - should be waterproof.

We do not recommend to install Warco tiles on unbound base courses like grass, soil or sand, unless the area is intended only for a short time. Instead, prepare a grit/gravel bedding and lay the tiles on this ecological and economical base course. Our installation manual will guide you through the installation process.