Frost-proof balcony floor

Exterior rubber tiles by WARCO make a durable balcony floor that is resistant to frost and sun.

Who said a balcony has to be a mundane space with a flooring that often rots and crumbles due to frost or varying temperatures and which has to be regularly refitted? Whether you have a large terrace area or just a little cosy balcony at your disposal, with WARCO outdoor tiles we may design a flooring that is going to make a long-lasting, weather-proof and functional space for fun, sport, relaxation and industriousness.

A handful of benefits

The modern exterior tiles by WARCO have got plenty to offer. Produced of top quality rubber granulate bound by polyurethane, they make an extremely hard-wearing floor that will last for years. Thanks to tiny drainage micro-channels integrated in the tiles' structure, the flooring is water-permeable and quick-drying even after a rain fall. The porous surface of the tiles is anti-slip, therefore it s particularly safe for playing children. What is more, WARCO innovative rubber floor offer another very functional feature, namely, thermal and acoustic isolation - therefore your balcony surface will always remain dry and warm in touch, protecting you against cold, intense heat and noise.

What is considerably important, is that the tiles are frost-proof and resistant to all weather conditions. In addition, the flooring is pleasantly elastic and has got cushioning properties protecting us against a potential risk of tripping or falling.

DIY installation

No matter if you plan a complete transformation of your balcony or need to spruce things up a bit, WARCO exterior floor make the most convenient solution, as its installation of rubber tiles is so easy it can be done by yourself! All you need is an even, flat subfloor you may directly lay the tiles on, mostly without gluing, edging and a set of specialistic tools. If necessary, you may easily uninstall and exchange singular tiles without damaging the whole surface.

Balcony floor

Functionality & style

With WARCO rubber floor, you do not need to give up practicality for style. Our outdoor tiles are available in a huge range of inspiring designs and fabulous colours. You may create an individual project matching your particular interior and the destination of the planned surface.

Thanks to the new innovative rubber flooring, you can turn your balcony into a private haven where you may relax after a long day. You will also gain an extra room for your guests, perfect for socialising, dining al fresco, enjoying good weather and your outdoor hobbies.

In order to discover more ideas on innovative WARCO outdoor rubber floor or if you wish obtain a free colour sample, complete our contact form or call us at +44 117 20 50 269. We will be happy to give you advice on how to find the most appropriate product for your balcony!

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