Create a comfy home gym floor in a flash

Rubber sports floor tiles from WARCO are the best choice for a home gym as they are insulating, protective and easy-care.

Have you already promised yourself to battle the sedentary office lifestyle and include workout sessions in your daily schedule? Your days are probably busy and packed with business affairs, commuting, and family matters, so why not save some time and effort by organising a home gym?

It all starts with a cool flooring

An ideal choice for every home gym or fitness indoor area is a sports flooring made up from WARCO's practical elastic tiles. These heavy-duty tiles are robust enough for heavy work-out equipment such as treadmill, dumbbells, runners or bikes. Their elastic properties protect your joints during movement and ensure a comfy springy feel. They also insulate and protect against temperature, so you can even exercise barefoot without the unpleasant sensation of cold feet. As WARCO rubber sports flooring also ensures acoustic isolation, it keeps impact and footfall noise of sports activities to a neighbour-friendly minimum.

Pick your favorite and install it in a jiffy

For sports such as yoga, Pilates, and functional training, WARCO's 18 mm sports flooring tiles – or 30 mm tiles as a softer option – are an ideal solution. Weightlifting, high-impact workouts, and ball games benefit from the extra stability and the perfect ball bounce the 40 mm-thick-tiles deliver.

So easy to lay and care

The installation of WARCO sports tiles can easily be done DIY even without instructions. There's no gluing and fixing, prior experience and special tools are not required. So you don't need to worry about expensive installation. Even better, your new sports flooring is cleaned in the blink of an eye by sweeping, hoovering, or simply wiping it with warm water and a hint of detergent.

For more inspiration about sports flooring, browse the WARCO image gallery. It provides numerous examples of appealing rubber sports flooring!

Economical and easy-care

Concerning the maintenance, WARCO safety tiles are especially easy-care and cost-effective. Rubber surface is such an economical product due to the fact its purchase is a one-off investment. We do not need to worry about expensive installation or repairing our sports tiles as they don't rot, crack or get scratched unlike other types of flooring. In case one piece gets damaged, it may be easily uninstalled and replaced with another tile. We may clean it by mopping, hoovering, or simply wiping the rubber tiles with warm water and soap. Once installed, our functional rubber sports tiles will last for many years, making the most optimal safety flooring for every home gym!

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