Horse stall mats

WARCO stall mats are produced of rubber granulate and make the best solution for all horse-keeping areas.

WARCO stall mats may be installed:

  • in a horse box,
  • in an open stall and playpen,
  • on the paddock and a horse run,
  • in the washing areas and veterinary clinics

Horse stall mats by WARCO which are made of rubber granulate bound by polyurethane make the most optimal choice as a flooring for horse-keeping. One-off investment stands for many-year savings but the most important factor is that the stall mats are horse-friendly in all possible types of use. When installed and maintained properly, your horses stay in dry and warm conditions all year round! Get more information about WARCO rubber stable mats and choose a product suited for your particular needs.

Rubber stable mats by WARCO makes a heavy-duty flooring for many-year use.

Beneficial properties of WARCO stall mats:

  • isolation against a cold flooring (comparable to traditional bedding),
  • water-permeability (urine and water flow away; there is no ground sealing),
  • resistance to weather - frost and UV rays,
  • mats don’t rot,
  • resistance to hooves (even those with studs),
  • the product is anti-slip in dry and wet conditions,
  • easy installation on every even and load-bearing subfloor,
  • self-cleaning (water or rainfall removes all superficial dirt and dust),
  • significant savings on bedding and stable works,
  • mats are economical (one-time investment which allows for considerable savings),
  • easy to maintain (by means of widely accessible detergents),
  • the product may be reinstalled (disassembly is done without damaging the mats),
  • stall mats maintain traffic overload.

Rubber horse stall mats by WARCO has been tested for quality, hence thousands of applications all around Europe. Efficient production, quality control and an outstanding customer service allows us to provide our Customers with the best products at affordable prices.

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