Installation rubber floor tiles

Tips for a successful installation of Warco tiles

The assembly of Warco elastic tiles is quite simple and does not require any particular technical knowledge. It can be done by yourself or by a local company or a trusted handyman. Here are a few tips how to install rubber tiles and enjoy the flooring for many years.

Rubber tiles by Warco can be installed on almost any base course and, in most cases, without its previous preparation. In case of grass, natural soil, sand and round gravel, a bedding from compacted, sharp-edged grit or gravel should be built first. Surfaces made of concrete, asphalt, tiles or slabs, or covered with bituminous sheeting, roof foil, fibreglass, grid, boards, etc. can be paved directly with Warco tiles. If the surface is uneven, flatten it out with appropriate material like bitumen sheets or levelling compound.

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Tiles with the interlocking zip are particularly easy to handle. This force-fit connection enforces a correct assembly and generally does not require gluing or edging.

Alternatively, we offer tiles with the tongue and groove system. Here the end-matched edges slide into each other and eliminate open joints. These tiles, however, need to be secured against shifting (through gluing or edging).

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