WARCO tiles with the interlocking zip

WARCO - interlocking zip tiles

Innovative elastic pavers from rubber granulate

The interlocking zip is the best way to join WARCO tiles into a secure and vandalism-proof pattern. The tiles can also be taken out and reinstalled without damage. The three-dimensional "teeth" on all four edges fit tightly into the "teeth" of the neighbouring tiles. This system enforces correct assembly because the tiles can be combined only in one position.

Tiles with the zip have the advantage of a force-fit connection between individual tiles. This type of connection prevents tiles from shifting and cupping, and consequently preventing open joints.

If the subfloor is uneven, the zip teeth keep the tiles in a tight grip and effectively prevent trip hazard. Elastic tiles partly adjust to the subfloor, so a profiled surface can be successfully laid with Warco "zip" tiles.

The tiles, when assembled, form a 50cm-grid. On the outer edges of the surface, the protruding teeth can be simply cut off (with a wood saw or a sharp knife). Sometimes it makes sense to cut a tile in half, and to begin and close a row with the halves. In this way you get straight edges and no clippings.