Weatherproof outdoor tiles for play and sport

Warco tiles, made of rubber granulate, are designed for outdoors, as they are permeable to water and very robust. They can be installed where safety and comfort is important - in kindergartens and schools, on terraces and balconies, backyards, playgrounds, basketball courts, recreation grounds, and many more.

Outdoor tiles by WARCO resist harsh weather conditions such as frost, thaw, UV-rays and heavy rains. They are made from permanently elastic material which does not rot. The tiles are slip-resistant and therefore usable in all conditions. Also, since this outdoor flooring is water-permeable, puddles do not accumulate on the surface but water drains through the tile's pores to the ground.

Yet, WARCO outdoor tiles have a lot more advantages!

  • They are insulating against heat and cold, so children can play on them in any weather. Because the tiles are dry, children don't get wet or dirty easily and are less prone to catch a cold.
  • They are sturdy enough to be used with play equipment as well as garden furniture or high heels. Our 40-45 mm sports floor tiles provide an optimal ball rebound, and are particularly recommended for ball game fields. A sports field can also serve as festival grounds, whereas an elegant terrace - into an amateur football pitch!
  • Resilient tiles for outdoors provide fall protection, which is of special importance on playgrounds and under climbing or bouldering walls. Our safety tiles cushion the impact of a fall from 1 to 3 m (critical fall height according to EN1177 standard).
  • Unlike typical straight-edge outdoor rubber tiles, Warco manufactures tiles equipped with smart connection systems: interlocking zip and tongue-and-groove. Thanks to that the installation is easy and the surface does not shift. Outdoor tiles can be assembled (DIY) on any load-bearing and even subfloor.
  • Warco outdoor flooring does not require any special maintenance or renovation. On average, the tiles last for 10, or even 15 years and their qualities like fall protection, elasticity or resistance to frost remain unchanged throughout this whole time.
  • WARCO tiles are ecological and completely harmless for small children or pets.
Outdoor tiles

Outdoor tiles by Warco is a quality product from Germany, from where they are shipped to the UK and other European countries. Visit our shop, where you can calculate the cost of your project yourself (including the delivery costs). Fill out the contact form to get a free sample of your chosen product!

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