Renovating Terrace

WARCO elastic terrace tiles may be installed DIY and will make your terrace renovation fast and easy

Attractive terrace designs with elastic outdoor tiles by WARCO can be used:

  • in a house or garden,
  • on every even and load-bearing subfloor,
  • on private and public terraces,
  • in beer gardens and on roof terraces,
  • as a flooring for events, fairs and festivals,
  • on car parks,
  • on stands at a trade fair.

You may refit your terrace all by yourself quickly and easily thanks to WARCO outdoor tiles made of rubber granulate bound by polyurethane. You won’t need to overspend to create an attractive and a heavy duty terrace that may be used all year round. What is especially important here - the terrace tiles are absolutely weather-resistant, simple to install and easy to maintain. What is more, WARCO flooring is isolating and fall-attenuating therefore it is very safe; also it is warm to touch, thus giving us a pleasant sensation when walking on it.

Beneficial properties of WARCO outdoor terrace tiles:

  • they are weather-resistant (including frost and UV rays),
  • tiles do not rot,
  • they are water-permeable (thanks to the built in drainage there are no puddles and ground sealing),
  • we may walk in high heels on the flooring,
  • we can place furniture and flower pots on the tiles,
  • they may be installed on every even and load-bearing subfloor,
  • they are anti-slip in wet and dry conditions,
  • they are particularly economical (a purchase is a one-off investment without any follow-up costs connected to installation or maintenance),
  • they are easy to install (you can do it yourself!),
  • tiles are attractive, comfortable and pleasant in use,
  • they are self-cleaning (after a rainfall - dust and dirt is removed),
  • they may be reinstalled (disassembly can be do done fast without damaging the tiles),
  • thermal isolation (agains heat and cold; we don’t have cold feet when walking on them),
  • they are fall-attenuating and absorb noise and vibrations (they are particularly safe for children),
  • they maintain a limited traffic overload.

Outdoor terrace flooring by WARCO is tested for quality, hence its numerous applications all around Europe. Efficient production, quality control and an outstanding customer service allow us to deliver the excellent range of products to our Customers at an affordable price!

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