Sturdy rubber mats for stable and paddock

Rubber stable mats

42 mm-thick, insulating rubber stable mats is the best flooring for a horse stall, stable and paddock; they are horse-friendly, resistant to frost and very easy to maintain. The mats provide nearly natural comfort for the horse, whether standing or lying, despite much decreased use of the traditional bedding. Rubber stable mats significantly improve the quality of stable air, thus reducing the risk of allergies. Thanks to this innovative flooring, you can save money on the vet and labour, while the costs of the bedding will go down by 75%! In case of a paddock or open stable, the mats are all-year usable due to being weatherproof and slip-resistant.

In the traditional horse-keeping in a stall without access to a free run, it is recommended to divide the stall area into two parts. The bigger one, covered with rubber stable mats, is the living space, while the smaller one, littered with traditional bedding, should serve as a toilet. The two parts should be separated with a wooden beam, so that the bedding does not litter the mats and blocks their drainage canals.

Great benefits for the horse and its owner

Warco rubber stable mats are:

  • insulating from the cold ground (similar to the traditional bedding),
  • liquid-permeable (water and urine drain away, the surface remains dry),
  • long-lasting (also suitable for heavy horses and horses with shoe studs),
  • slip-resistant in dry and wet conditions; porous,
  • reducing noise and vibrations,
  • economical (saving about 75% of bedding and labour costs),
  • low-maintenance, cleaning with common stable tools,
  • easy to install - DIY; installation on any load-bearing subfloor,
  • reusable (without damaging the mats),
  • suitable for vehicles, e.g. for mechanized mucking-out.

10 years of experience in rubber tiles

Warco rubber stable mats is a quality product designed to meet the demands of a horse stable. Our over 10 years' experience in providing flooring for equine use, thousands of installations all over Europe and our continuous quality control is a guarantee of the best product for you and your horse. Visit our UK shop to see our rubber stable mats!

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