Safety flooring for kids

Rubber tiles by WARCO are an optimal solution when you would like to renovate your balcony quickly and easily.

Anti-schock, elastic WARCO tiles are designed specifically to ensure maximum safety and comfort for children on playgrounds and other various sports and leisure areas for public and private use.

The fall-attenuating properties of the tiles fulfil the European Norm 1177 and, depending on the product, correspond with various critical fall-height values from 100 - up to 300 cm. They minimise the results of a potential fall due to their cushioning effect. WARCO flooring protects joints — especially knee and hip joints, which is particularly important for children during running or playing sports (football, basketball etc.).

Safety tiles by WARCO have got a long life-span and they retain their original elasticity for years. They may be installed quickly and easily on every even and load-bearing subfloor which is bound (such as concrete, pavers, tiles etc.) or unbound (then we would have to lay the tiles on a compacted layer of grit or gravel). Before the assembly, we should make sure that the subfloor is even and in case we would need to adapt the tiles better to the existing surface, we may easily cut them using a sharp knife or a wood saw.

Elastic WARCO tiles make a perfect solution for every playground, football pitch, basketball court or another safe play area for kids. It is noteworthy that the flooring is incredibly easy to maintain and durable. Children may play on it independently of the weather as it is anti-slip and it is resistant to frost and UV rays. Thanks to the built-in drainage, the tiles are also quick-drying and it is possible to play on their surface right after a rain-fall. The flooring has an integrated network of micro-channels and puddles do not remain on top of it; all excess water flows away or evaporates through the tiny pores built-in in the tiles’ structure.

Summing up, anti-schock WARCO tiles have got numerous benefits:

  • they absorb noise and vibrations,
  • they are anti-slip,
  • they provide thermal isolation,
  • they are resistant to weather conditions,
  • they are quick-drying,
  • they are easy-care and incredibly long-lasting.
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