Innovative terrace tiles for new build and renovation

Terrace tiles

WARCO elastic terrace tiles are designed for:

  • private and public balconies and terraces,
  • garden terraces, backyards, patios,
  • beer gardens, roof terraces,
  • events, festivals, fairs, market stalls,
  • courtyards, car ports and parking spaces.

WARCO terrace tiles, made of polyurethane-bonded rubber granulate, will make your terrace extremely durable and all-year usable. This easily-assembled flooring (DIY) is completely frost proof and low-maintenance. The insulating floor tiles are never too cold nor too hot, and your new terrace floor will be especially safe for children and seniors!

How will you benefit from Warco terrace floor tiles?

  • your terrace will last for many years and look great: the tiles are weather-resistant and permanently elastic,
  • the surface will be dry, with no puddles because our terrace tiles are water-permeable,
  • you can place furniture, a barbecue and walk in high heels on the robust terrace flooring,
  • no more worries about children's injuries on a hard terrace floor: Warco tiles are fall-attenuating and slip-resistant; they have been used for decades on playgrounds,
  • easy, DIY installation on any load-bearing, flat subfloor (e.g. concrete, pavers, old tiles, roof foil, fibreglass, boards, compacted grit),
  • change of plan? - the tiles can be taken out and re-installed in another place,
  • affordable: minimal maintenance and renovation costs, cleaning with traditional means (self-cleaning, too - rain!),
  • sound-absorbing and insulating mats will make every area cosy and comfortable,
  • you can design your terrace choosing from several colours, from classic to bolder ones.

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WARCO terrace tiles is a high quality product, which does not break or rot. The company is based in Germany, from where the tiles are shipped all over Europe. Visit our UK shop to see all our products, their datasheets, prices and delivery costs to Great Britain and other English-speaking countries. If you want to receive a free product sample, just fill in our contact form!

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