Dream big: inspiring ideas for winter garden flooring

Rubber terrace tiles by WARCO make a durable and an elegant flooring for a winter garden.

A winter garden is a remarkable option for all those who want to add an extra room to their house. It increases the living space considerably and is a pleasant extension of the garden or a safe play area for kids. A main asset in any winter garden, glass extension, or conservatory is a well-chosen flooring.

A stunning floor with amazing characteristics

Just because it is getting more chilly doesn't mean you must give up on your garden completely. Why not create a stylish winter garden retreat and decorate it with elegant, innovative, and practical WARCO terrace tiles?

Create your oasis of cosiness

The tiles have a pleasant, soft feel that resembles forest soil. The anti-slip surface is safe and comfortable to walk on even with high heels. It also provides a stable stand for your flowerpots and furniture. At the same time, the insulating qualities of WARCO terrace flooring ensure that the ground of your winter garden always has a warm touch.

Easy-care and safe

Another great feature of the tiles is that they minimise the impact of a fall. This is essential for children and great if you ever happen to drop a flower pot. On top of that, such a floor is incredibly easy to maintain. Simply hoover it or mop it using warm water and a mild detergent to keep it in great shape.

Robust flooring laid in the wink of an eye

WARCO rubber terrace tiles are made of top-quality EPDM rubber granulate bound by polyurethane. This incredibly durable, liquid-permeable material is resistant to hot and cold temperatures and even frost as well as against ultraviolet light. Unlike ceramic tiles or other types of flooring, such as a wooden floor, they will never chip off, crack or rot.

Even better, WARCO tiles can be easily laid DIY without any need for fixing, gluing, and a set of complex tools.

Winter garden wonderland with gorgeous colours

Be inspired by the fabulous colours of WARCO terrace tiles. They range from classic-chic Savannah, Bast and Bark, Travertine, Rattan Lounge, and Dandelion to vivid modern tones such as Lavender, Atlantic, or Embers. Blending perfectly with other accessories in your home or producing a deliberate contrast, the attractive colour designs will add a distinct style to your rejuvenated space and create a particularly inviting and individual atmosphere.

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